Industry Resources

National Glass Association – Founded in 1948, this trade association represents over 2,200 companies in the glass industry. They host meetings and annual training seminars around the country for their members to stay informed about the latest news and tools relating to the glass business.

Independent Glass Association – Incorporated in 1995, this non-profit association was formed to helped smaller independent glass dealers compete with the national chains. All of the directors own independent glass shops and serve as an advocate for their members around the country. They are commited to the ethical and professional glass installation in all fifty states.

National Windshield Repair Association – Gives the public and its members up-t0-date information regarding the windshield repair industry.  They release two publications called “Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Magazine (AGRR),” and “NWRA News.”

AEGIS Tools International, Inc – This company is the manufacturer of some of the most well respected tools in the auto glass replacement industry. Since their founding in 1982, they have become the  “de facto” standard with most installers.

Great Articles Around The Web

How Automotive Glass Works – Find out the history of auto glass and how exactly it is made.

Penny Wise – Pound Foolish Auto Glass Decisions – An article from about the costs of opting for cheap glass.

Repair and Replace Your Windshield the Correct Way – Improper installation could cost you your life.

Dealer and OEM Glass Manufacturers

Pittsburgh Glass Works

Guardian Automotive Products

PPG Industries


Pilkington Automotive




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