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Car Break-Ins In Houston Becoming A Fact of Life

Have you ever seen pieces of broken window glass around your car as you were walking up to it? Do you remember immediately taking a mental inventory of anything valuable you were foolish enough to leave in your vehicle while you were away? Did you start going into the what if mode, as “what if I had parked closer to the entrance” or “what if I hadn’t park in a dark spot and instead choose a spot under more lights?”

Sadly, it appears that getting your vehicle broken into is part of living in Houston. And the area of town doesn’t seem to have any bearing on how likely a break-in is to happen.

Each week we get dozens of customers who had this happen from every area of the city you can think of, in Montrose to Midtown to West University. Almost 25,000 vehicles are hit in the Houston every single year!

One lady who came in told us that she was getting a massage in Upper Kirby and came out to find her rear side window smashed with a rock even though she has absolutely nothing valuable in her car.

Having said that, break-ins are most common in movie theater parking lots. We get more customers reporting that their car was broken into while they were watching a movie than any other place.

It’s such a frustrating situation to find yourself in and above all, a violation of your sense of safety and personal property!

Nissan Xterra Window Smashed

Latest smash-in customer we received: 2011 Nissan Xterra

It may be a small consolation prize but it may make you feel better knowing it will eventually happen to everyone at some point in their life. If you live in a city like Houston, it will happen several times in your life.

Not leaving anything of value in your vehicle for criminals to see is an excellent preventative measure.

However, we routinely get customers who had nothing in their vehicle when the incident happened.

Believe it or not, some people just do this for fun without intending to steal. Some people just do this for fun.

Its a good idea to check with your insurance to see if they cover this. Window replacements are usually covered by your insurance if you have full comprehensive coverage. However, you need to check your deductible, usually $250 or $500, because unless your total bill is higher than your deductible you’ll have to cover it.

And, as always, A Advanced Auto Glass is here for you when this happens. We know this is an annoying situation to be in that always leaves your car’s interior vulnerable to the elements so we do everything within our power to help you out.

Come by our shop, near the intersection of IH-610 and Hwy 290, or we can come to your home or office with our mobile van unit. Some shops like to take advantage of the situation because they know you’re in a hurry to get this problem fixed ASAP but you can be assured we’ll have no part of that. Short term gains only get you so far and tend to eventually catch up, sooner or later.