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2016 Houston’s Top Employers

The following is a list of Houston’s largest employers as of June 18,2016, based upon the data supplied by the Houston Chronicle. What’s surprising about this list is how the top ten only include two companies in the oil & gas industry. Many of them include a large percentage of people in the service industry […]

Wishing Everyone A Fantastic 2015

The holiday season is over and we’re back at work. We hope everyone in Houston had a great vacation break. Last year was huge for us and we’re looking to build upon that growth for 2015. During the last six months, we’re invested in some new equipment, hired some new employees and moved into a […]

Take a Look at Yourself

While listening to the radio, an old favorite came on – Take a Look at Me Now by Phil Collins. It’s difficult to know for sure what the songwriter was thinking when he wrote down those words, but it was a great anthem at the time it was written in 1982. Back then, everyone was wearing moussed […]