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Do You Really Have To Replace The Whole Windshield?

Do You Really Have To Replace The Whole Windshield?

Instead of replacing the entire windshield, why can’t you just repair it? The crack isn’t that big! Another guy I spoke with earlier said he could fix it so why can’t you?

Companies will say a lot of things when they’re desperate for new customers. Telling someone what they want to hear is a very common practice among new independent shop owners who are looking to compete against older established businesses.

We see a lot of these companies trying to win new customers by offering extremely low prices or over promising services that they can’t really deliver on.

The truth is that you need to replace your windshield if it’s bigger than a dime. Lots of guys will say they can fix chips that are bigger than that but we’ve found that a) those so-called fixed cracks are eventually going to still spread and you’ll think we weren’t forthcoming with you AND b) the structural integrity of your windshield will be compromised, thereby putting you in danger in case of an accident and us being held liable for negligence.

Windshields serve a important safety function in your car. They are designed to stop your body from flying out of your car, should you collide with another vehicle, under a certain speed. The more a windshield is structurally compromised, the less that windshield able to do it’s job it was made for. Hence the reason we recommend getting your rock chips contained and repaired as soon as possible, so it never gets bigger than a dime. The window of opportunity is very short to get the chip filled with resin before an entire glass replacement is required.

This especially holds true in the winter when the temperature changes quickly. It’s funny I’m saying this because I suppose we’d do less business if everyone heeded my advice! Ironically, I’d have to lay people off if most people read this blog and actually followed it :p The reality is that most people don’t put it was a high priority until they get a car wash and watch that small chip suddenly grow several inches right before their very eyes. C’est la vie, I guess.

So for all you who listen to this information – good for you. You’ve saved yourself hundreds of dollars. And for all you who don’t – I appreciate your business and remember we do offer mobile service in the Houston area **shameless promotion** Bigger than a dime…you need to get it replaced.

Vincent Castro
A Advanced Auto Glass, Owner