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How Do We Repair Glass Chips In Your Windshield

How We Repair Rock Chips

Thank goodness for that! A disruptive piece of rock flew head on into your car, causing you to swerve a little and nearly drive through the fence of the nearby baby-turtle reserve. You managed to keep it under control and no baby-turtles had to suffer.

But more importantly the rock chip has only caused a very small crack, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to sort out.

Stitch in Time!

If you have been listening to our advice, you should, by now, be used to us telling you to sort this type of chip out before it becomes a bigger deal than it has to be!

An old fable rings in my mind. It goes something like; “A stitch in time, saves nine”.

Of course the person in this fable is sewing up ripped clothes early before they can get more damaged, but I think anyone who has even a mild understanding of metaphor, will by now get the point.

When the rock chip only creates a small chip, there is no need to replace the entire windshield. A simple repair job can be carried out. Professionals in your area, if they offer the same services as we do, will be happy to come out to you whether you are at home, work, or in a parking lot.

It’s also good to know that many comprehensive automotive policies will cover basic rock chip repairs even if you have a deducible.

How Do We Make the Repair?

The repair job involves the use of a very strong adhesive resin, which we use to “plug the gap” so to speak.

There are five stages involved in the rapid repair of the chip;

  • The area of the damage is prepared before the job. We groom it a little, and make it as clean as possible. This ensures that the resin will stick to the windshield when applied.
  • We then place a device over the damaged areas. This creates a vacuum, pulling all of the air out of the chip, ready for the resin to be injected.
  • The chip damage is filled with the resin, which is applied evenly, and with precision, to fill the chip in completely. By this point you are probably shocked to see a fixed windshield.
  • But wait a moment before you jump in and drive off. Next we have apply a UV light to harden the resin. This takes only a matter of minutes, so just relax… not much longer.
  • The finishing touches are just as important for us. No repair job is complete without wiping off any excess resin, and giving a quick polish to smooth the surface. Rough around the edges isn’t good enough in windshield repair!

15 minutes and your gone…

And that’s it. You are free to leave with a good-as-new windshield. It is literally as if it never happened, and it was all over so fast that it probably didn’t even effect your day, bar the fact that you missed feeding time at the turtle reserve.

Much better than leaving it until it turns into a nightmare of a job!