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Is Auto Glass Replacement Covered Under My Insurance Policy?

Do Auto Insurance Providers Cover Winshield ReplacementThe type of coverage you currently have will determine whether your insurance company is obligated to pay for your broken or cracked windshield.

You were given three options when you signed up for your current policy:

1. Liability

2. Collision

3. Comprehensive

In most cases, only comprehensive insurance will cover auto glass claims, including rock chips, vandalism, a baseball going through your window, a tree branch failing on your front windshield, or any other “non-collision” vehicle damage

Most people have a deductible attached to their policy in order to save money on their monthly premiums. If this is the case, the deductible will have to be paid by the policyholder before his insurance kicks in.

For the most part, individuals do not file an official insurance claim unless the price of the repair is substantially more than the deductible.

Here are the official statements from GEICO, Progressive and Allstate:

GEICO >>>Your Guide to Glass Claims

Progressive >>> Windshield & Glass Claims

Allstate >>> Glass Only Claims

It’s also important to note that most of the major insurance providers will waive your deductible if the crack in your glass is small and can be repaired.

This is the main reason you should get small rock chips fixed promptly instead of waiting until the problem gets visibly worse.

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