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Take a Look at Yourself

While listening to the radio, an old favorite came on – Take a Look at Me Now by Phil Collins. It’s difficult to know for sure what the songwriter was thinking when he wrote down those words, but it was a great anthem at the time it was written in 1982. Back then, everyone was wearing moussed big hair, high- waisted jeans and white tennis shoes. People were looking at each other; that’s for sure.

So take a look at me now

There’s just an empty space

There’s nothing left here to remind me

Just the memory of your face

                       — Take a Look at Me Now by Phil Collins (1982)

The average person looks in reflective surfaces an average of 8 times a day. One study says it’s as much as 38 times per day for women and 18 times for men. None of the studies say how long these people are staring at themselves but it got me thinking about how many things can reflect our image.

Mirrors, a freshly waxed car, shiny metal, like spoons, knives, pot lids, and even some hand tools. Of course, glass also reflects our image. Glass is everywhere. The doors we walk through coming and going from buildings. Merchandise showcases in many stores are made of glass. Glass is used for decoration in walls, doors and even some floors. Did you know there is a hotel in the Maldives that has a glass floor right in your room? You can stand on this glass floor and look down and see fish swimming under your feet. Imagine standing on your own reflection, how crazy is that? So it’s no wonder we look at ourselves so much!

This fascination with glass extends to custom glass and mirror installations for your home or business too.

1. Glass adds class. Glass makes a space bright and modern looking. Carefully designed glass areas can make a space warmer and friendly. The diversity of uses for glass is staggering.

2. Glass is safer. Customers entering through a glass door can see what they are walking into before they get inside. There are no surprises beyond the door. This ability to see what lies ahead soothes a primal instinct we all have to look for danger.

3. Glass shows well. Glass showcases let your customers easily see your merchandise while protecting it from dust, breakage and theft.

4. Glass is private. Tinted glass can be used to give privacy to certain areas of your business without putting up an unfriendly wall up that closes off your employees from your customers.

5. Glass is magic. Mirrors add the illusion of space and light, and can add eye-appeal too. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes can turn a ho-hum space into a feast for the eye. A fully mirrored wall can make your space appear to double in size, and it increases visibility to all areas of your business too.

Glass can be functional, practical or artistic.