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Wishing Everyone A Fantastic 2015

The holiday season is over and we’re back at work. We hope everyone in Houston had a great vacation break. Last year was huge for us and we’re looking to build upon that growth for 2015.

During the last six months, we’re invested in some new equipment, hired some new employees and moved into a new shop.Our company is now able to do mobile and in-house auto glass replacements, depending on what a customer wants.

You want to come to us, fine. You want us to come to you, no problem. Our aim is to be as adaptable as possible to each of our customer’s individual needs.

Also we would like to remind everyone that wintertime is peak season for chipped, cracked and broken glass. Stay on top of any small damage so that it doesn’t become bigger later down the road. The weather is going to be swinging from the 30s to the high 60s over the next three months, meaning that small windshield chips can become big really quickly. Your small little chip can grow several inches within a day, especially if you bring it into a car wash.

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You can get a small chip fixed for under $30 in most cases.  In many cases, your insurance will pay to get it fixed depending on what coverage you have. Don’t wait!  The cost for fixing a small rock chip is ten times less than it will cost to replace the entire windshield down the line. Be proactive and not reactive.

Nevertheless, if you do need a reliable windshield repair company that actually cares, we are here. Our small company values each client we get and make it our job to make your happy.

So here’s to a New Year! Make your resolutions now and go for them. Ours is what it has been since we started: be the best auto glass replacement business in the city of Houston.